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Buy Weed Quebec City

Years after the Trudeau government campaigned on a promise to legalize marijuana, one of the country’s most conservative provinces is reaping the benefits. Bud Dash, our online dispensary, is serving Quebec City, offering marijuana flowers, edibles, extracts, accessories, CBD, and vapes. We now also sell psilocybin mushrooms.

If you are dissatisfied with the SQDC or interested in premium weed that is not available at the SQDC, Bud Dash is here for you!

Choose From a Multitude of Cannabis Products

Gone are the days where the only way to consume cannabis was through a joint. Now you can enjoy weed using an e-cigarette device or through your favourite food items like chocolate, gummies, and coffee!

If you are looking for marijuana products near Quebec City, come to Bud Dash! Our online dispensary offers the largest selection of premium cannabis in Quebec. We offer mail order products, including:

Premium Flowers

Bud Dash offers a wide variety of premium flowers from multiple producers and strains. You’ll find Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids all in stock. Of course, joint smoking is still the most popular way to enjoy weed.

Our Pre-rolls are the perfect way to enjoy a premium smoke in just two minutes. Our bulk flower offers the lowest prices for those looking to save money in Quebec.


You can also enjoy cannabis with food! Bud Dash’s online dispensary offers an extensive selection of baked goods, candy, gummies, and chocolate edibles. We have products for beginners and experienced cannabis users looking for higher doses.

Our 250mg Rice Krispie treats are perfect for novice users looking to enjoy a premium edible while avoiding unwanted side effects.


Concentrates are the purest way to consume cannabis! Bud Dash has an expansive product selection for you to choose from, including CBD, hash, crumble, and more. Our shatter is the perfect concentrate for those looking to consume cannabis at home. You will need either a vape or a dab rig to smoke shatter. 

Cannabis concentrates are known to be manifold stronger than flowers. Our 1g pre-dabs are the perfect product for novice smokers looking to enjoy a premium smoke in one sitting.

CBD Products

CBD is one of the most popular marijuana products in Quebec City, and for a good reason. It does not produce any psychoactive effects; it can increase your appetite and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Most commonly found in oil form, CBD is available at Bud Dash in multiple formulas, each tailored for a different effect. You can take CBD daily to receive the benefits without experiencing any psychoactive high.


An increasingly popular way to consume weed, vape pens allow users to quickly and discreetly enjoy cannabis whenever they please. Vape pens have many effects, depending on the strain used. Bud Dash has a wide selection of strains perfect for whatever you need them for!

Weed Accessories & Miscellaneous Items

Bud Dash’s online dispensary offers the best selection of weed accessories in Quebec City. We have vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers, bongs, storage cases, lighters, cleaners; you name it!

How To Order Weed Online In Quebec City?

Ordering weed at Bud Dash is a simple process. Just sign up for an account and go through the easy verification steps.

After you have been verified as a customer, simply navigate to our menu page and select the products that interest you. You can then add these items to your shopping cart and check out. We accept e-transfer as the primary payment method, but we can accommodate customers for alternative procedures like Bitcoin.

Shipping Information & Delivery Time

Bud Dash offers free shipping across Quebec City on all orders over $99. Orders under this will incur a $20 flat-rate fee to cover the cost of postage and vacuum-sealed packaging.

All orders placed before noon ship the same day! You should receive your order in 2-3 business days.

Things To Do In Quebec City With Marijuana

Once you’ve acquired your weed, there are limitless activities to partake in across Quebec City. Indulge in your favourite hobby with a joint or bong!

Explore Old Quebec

The picturesque city of Quebec has a fascinating history that you can learn about in Old Quebec. Stroll through the cobbled streets and visit 18th-century landmarks like the Notre Dame Basilica.

Visit Montmorency Falls

For the best views of Montmorency Falls, visit Parc de la Chute-Montmorency! The park features an accessible trail that takes you to the bottom of the falls for an up-close look.

Smoking weed at Montmorency Falls Park is illegal. However, if you’re discreet and vape at the top of the falls, it’s unlikely that you’ll be caught out.

La Cage Aux Sports

La Cage Aux Sports is a popular sports bar in Quebec City with four floors – one contains a restaurant, and three have different sports games playing on huge wall screens. The fourth floor features an outdoor terrace with views of the St. Lawrence River!

What better way to enjoy the Canadian lifestyle than watching hockey after taking one of our edibles?

Ice Hotel Quebec

The award-winning Ice Hotel Quebec is one of Canada’s most beautiful buildings. If you visit during winter, make sure to try out their ice bar and throwback some vodka shots served in ice glasses!

Wear warm clothing, as it can get understandably chilly in there. 

Eat Poutine

When the munchies finally set in, head to Pataterie Chez Claudette for the ultimate Quebec City poutine! This classic Canadian dish consists of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy—the perfect afternoon snack.

Bottom Line

When you’re in Quebec City, make sure to visit Bud Dash and check out our wide range of marijuana products. Shop online and buy weed legally in Quebec!

Contact us today for more information about buying weed in Quebec City or other cities across Canada. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • Hybrid


    Bud Dash Original

    Tuna Kush (AAAA)

    Tuna Kush, a renowned BC legend, has made its way into North American medical cannabis markets. Highly regarded for its potency, this strain yields small, compact buds covered in a thick layer of resin. Although it may not produce a large quantity, what it does offer is packed with intense potency and flavor. Prepare yourself as this bud emits a pungent skunk and fuel scent, with hints of delicate sweetness intertwined.
  • Indica


    Bud Dash Original

    Death Gas (AAAA+)

  • Indica


    Bud Dash

    Afghan Kush (AAAA+)

    Afghan Kush, originating from the Hindu Kush mountains, is a legendary indica strain cherished for its heavy resin content and potent sedating effects. With massive resinous buds and generous yields, it has become a go-to choice for relaxation. Afghan Kush's roots in hash culture and availability through make it a highly sought-after strain.
  • Indica


    Bud Dash Original

    Pink Goo (AAAA++)

  • Indica


    Bud Dash

    Rockstar (AAAA+)

    Rockstar is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain, Known for its gorgeous appearance, this bud packs timeless indica-dominant effects and a long-lasting high that's perfect for anyone who just wants to kick back. Rockstar has a super-strong euphoric onset that slams into your brain, launching you into a happy state of bliss that's unfocused and super creative. You'll feel a heavy body high come next that fills your entire physical form with a sense of deep relaxation and ease. With these effects and its high 33% average THC level, Rockstar is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, stress, chronic pain, and headaches or migraines.
  • Top Tier

    Assorted Gummies (100mg)

    Savor the taste of tropical paradise with our delectable THC-infused gummies, available in four flavors: mango, grape, pineapple, and blue raspberry. Each gummy is infused with 50mg of THC, delivering a perfect balance of euphoria and enjoyment. Elevate your senses with Top Tier Gummies, a delicious cannabis experience awaits you! 10 x 50mg = 500mg per pack
  • Yo Momma

    Peanut Butter Cookie (250mg)

    These are some of the softest, chewiest, and most delicious cookies on the market. We at Bud Dash have connected with our official partner YO MOMMA edibles to deliver the HIGH-est quality peanut butter edible cookie on the market. These cookies are potent too, we definitely recommend eating half first to test your tolerance – YO MOMMA uses only the highest quality ingredients, and it shows after eating one of these bad boys! Peanut Butter Cookies comes with 2 in a pack @ 250mg total per bag/125mg per cookie
  • Top Tier

    Orange Gummies (2500mg)

    Want something a bit more powerful? Look no further! Top Tier Gummies are a delightful fusion of flavor and potency! Our THC-infused gummies come in four mouthwatering varieties: strawberry, watermelon, cherry, and orange. Each gummy contains a powerful 250mg of THC, providing an exceptional and blissful experience. Treat yourself to a premium cannabis treat with Top Tier Gummies today! 10 x 250MG Gummies
  • Almighty Caps

    Shroom Brownie (2000mg)

    A game changer! This wavy chocolate brownie is one of our newest products. With 2000mg of psilocybin, this brownie isn't for the faint at heart. Shift your energy and mood in a matter of minutes with this high-quality, delicious edible. Nature's Gift meets Chocolate.

    Fruity Cereal Treat (500mg)

    Who doesn't love fruit loops? Imagine what a nice, fresh bowl of cereal tastes like every time you try one of these delicious cereal treats. Once again we've teamed up with our partner YO MOMMA edibles to deliver the HIGH-est quality Rice Krispy’ on the market.
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