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We’re excited to announce that we now offer same-day psilocybin mushroom delivery in Brantford! This is a fantastic way for people who live in the area to get their hands on these beautiful, natural, and organic mushrooms. 

Whether you are looking for help with depression or anxiety, or just an increased level of creativity, we can help you find your perfect dosage and strain so that it’s easy and convenient.

Read on for more information!

Benefits Of Consuming Psilocybin In Brantford

Our dispensary aims to provide the community with the best quality products at reasonable prices. If you live in Brantford or are just visiting, you’re welcome to order online through our website and enjoy same-day delivery of your psilocybin (magic mushrooms) order!

People take shrooms for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Increased creativity
  • Mood enhancement
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Aid in quitting addictive behaviours
  • To help manage symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression
  • For pain relief (Psilocybin is allowed by the government to treat end-of-life cancer patients for pain relief)

Before you order from us, it would help if you knew what you are trying to get from this experience. There are many different strains and types of shrooms, each with its own effects. You can view the information on our website to see what we offer and how much it costs to get an idea of what you’re looking for.

The Best Delivery Service In Brantford

At Bud Dash, we can confidently say that we have one of the best delivery services in the province. First and foremost, all our deliveries to Brantford are free of charge! You can order as much as you’d like, there won’t be any surprise fees.

We also pride ourselves on our fast response times. If you live in Brantford, you can expect your order to arrive within an hour of receiving your confirmation.

If you’re not quite sure whether or not this product is for you, or if you have any questions about the process, feel free to give us a call! We are always willing to answer whatever question may come through our phone lines.

We aim to keep all information about shrooms and magic mushrooms as honest and factual as possible.

Which Mushrooms Should You Order?

We have a catalogue of over 15 species of magic mushrooms! We have a large selection of magic mushrooms for every taste, from popular names like Golden Teachers to less well-known ones like Illusion Weavers.

Our staff is happy to help you choose which shrooms would be most beneficial and fun for your purposes. Whether it’s a spiritual enhancement or increased creativity that you’re looking for, we can help guide you in the right direction. Here are some examples of popular psilocybin mushroom strains in Brantford:

Tidal Wave

An increasingly popular species, Tide Wave, is a cross of Hawaiian and Cambodian mushrooms. This strain provides feelings of euphoria, happiness, and creativity.

You can recognize the mushroom by its unique colouring of white flecks on a dark cap. It is relatively easy to grow and maintain, making it just as popular with novice growers as it is with experts.

Avery’s Albino

Perhaps one of the most recognizable magic mushrooms, Avery’s Albino is a strain well-known for its spiritual benefits. This strain has been described as providing feelings of euphoria, emotionality, and increased self-awareness.

The snow-white colouring recognizes it on the upper half of its brown cap.

Golden Teacher

One of the most popular magic mushrooms in Brantford for both beginners and experts alike, Golden Teachers are thought by many to provide benefits similar to the ‘classic’ Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom.

The cap is a light tan with streaks of gold that give them their name.

How Much Mushrooms Should You Order?

That’s a tricky question. Since mushrooms last for a while, we recommend buying a good amount and storing the leftovers for another day. As for dosage when consuming, the effects you will feel will depend on your physiology and the potency of the mushroom species.

The consensus is that newcomers should aim to take 1.5g-2.5g of dried mushrooms, and experienced users can normally take 3.5g-5g. It’s always better to start low and work your way up in subsequent sessions if necessary.

Then, there’s microdosing. Microdosing is the act of taking a sub-perceptual dose of mushrooms to produce subtle but measurable effects. The most common regimen for microdosing is 1/10th or less of a standard dose.

So, How Do You Actually Take Mushrooms?

Traditionally, mushrooms are ground up so that the active ingredients can be absorbed much more efficiently by the body when ingested orally. You can put the powder in capsules for easier consumption, but this is not always necessary.

You can also soak them in drinks such as tea. But the most popular method is to simply eat them and let their taste compliment whatever they’re paired with!

Is It Safe To Trip In Brantford?

Brantford is a generally safe city. Be sure to trip in a comfortable environment, and double-check that you have easy access to water and snacks if you want them!

As long as you’re responsible and don’t do anything to attract negative attention, there’s no need to worry about anything bad happening.

We do recommend that first-time trippers do so at home, in the company of a trusted trip-sitter.

Two Birds With One Stone!

We are adding psilocybin mushrooms to our catalogue, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down on marijuana products! When ordering shrooms from us, please take the opportunity to browse through our marijuana products.

We have top-notch flowers, pure concentrates, medical-grade edibles, and more. Cannabis has a lot of crossover benefits with mushrooms and can help to enhance the experience.

We also have a line of CBD products to mellow you down before, during or after your trip. Rest assured, all products from Bud Dash are lab tested for quality assurance and safety.

With that said, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about magic mushrooms or marijuana in Brantford, Ontario.

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