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If you’re from Hamilton and reading this, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “What on Earth are these dudes talking about?”

We get it, and we live in Ontario too. And trust us, we felt the same way when we first heard of places like Vancouver that have had access to online weed delivery for years! Well, no more injustice! Bud Dash is here with our game-changing Same-Day Delivery service and wants to be your go-to source for all your online purchasing needs, including… magic mushrooms!

When you order cannabis online from Bud Dash, you can expect nothing less than premium quality products delivered right to your door within an hour or less, depending on where you are located. When ordering anything that isn’t bud, we take an extra step to source only the best products for our members.

To prove that it’s possible, we are now offering magic mushroom delivery in Hamilton! We’ve got a wide variety of dried mushrooms available to you in a few clicks. Experience nature’s little enlightenment package at your door within 1 hour!

A Free And Convenient Service

You read that right! We offer free local delivery on every order for Hamilton residents. If you are looking for a psilocybin mushroom delivery service that makes your life easier, but you aren’t looking to break the bank, then Bud Dash is here for you.

We have no set schedule; we’ll always get your product to you as soon as possible. When you order online, there’s no need to come down to our dispensary! We’ll deliver your product directly. It’s the future of marijuana delivery services, and we’re proud to be leading the way in Hamilton.

When you are too busy with work or school to make it out to one of our locations & dispensaries, you can sit back, relax and let us do the rest. Why stress yourself out waiting in line only to be treated like cattle? We deal directly with your local dispensaries and can get you access to top-quality shrooms.

Note that orders over $100 are eligible for a free pack of edibles. Yo Momma Edibles are organic and made with love. A token of our appreciation for your trust in us.

Over Fifteen Strains of Mushrooms To Choose From!

Hamilton Residents will be pleased to know that they now have access to our complete inventory of magic mushrooms.

We carry a variety of strains from producers from all around the world, from Canada to Colombia!

Golden Teachers

Our most popular species, the Golden Teachers, are magic mushrooms of choice for many customers. Their golden color makes them one of the more visually appealing strains of shrooms available to you, and they produce an intense trip that has been known to induce visuals.

Blue Meanies

Blue meanies are a hybrid that brings together the physical effects of their parents from both sides. They are extremely potent and produce a visual trip that is sure to please those who enjoy tripping.


Another popular choice is that these shrooms have a red/purple color and produce a slightly different trip than the Golden Teachers. Amazonian mushrooms tend to induce more body high that makes you want to stay seated or lay on the couch for a bit.

About Microdoses In Hamilton

If you aren’t interested in tripping, perhaps microdosing capsules could be of use to you. Microdosing mushrooms consist of taking a small number of psilocybin mushrooms, usually about 1/10th of the usual dose you would take to achieve full-on psychoactive effects. By taking smaller doses with higher frequency over time, the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms can be realized without actually taking enough to trip.

Is It Safe To Trip On Shrooms In Hamilton?

As long as you’re not tripping in public, it’s perfectly safe to do magic mushrooms in Hamilton. You can’t overdose on shrooms, although taking too many will make your trip last longer than usual & put you into a state of discomfort.

We only source the freshest psilocybin mushrooms for our members, so you can rest assured that your product is safe to enjoy.

How Much Mushrooms Do I Need To Trip?

Many of our first-time customers are confused about dosage when it comes to psilocybin mushrooms. Here’s what you should know.

To feel the psychedelic effects of the fungi, you will need to consume more than a microdose. Potency varies from one species to another, so it’s better to start with a standard dose and gradually work your way up.

A standard dose varies from 2-3.5g, though more potent shrooms can achieve this effect with a lot less. Always start low and work your way up to avoid over-consuming.

Are Shrooms Legal In Hamilton, Ontario?

The status of psilocybin in Canada is comparable to that of weed pre-legalization. It is tolerated, but the government has yet to implement the new legislation that would start legalization.

Although it is not yet legal, there are no documented cases of anyone being prosecuted for possession of psilocybin mushrooms in Canada in recent years!

Start Shopping Now!

If you’re looking for a stellar dispensary experience in Hamilton, Ontario, our Bud Dash team is proud to offer hundreds of different products to choose from. We carry various strains of Cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and many other products to meet your needs.

Add anything you want to your mushroom order, and keep an eye out for our regular deals and discounts! If you have any questions about one of our products or anything to do with mushrooms, feel free to ask our customer service team. 

We have knowledgeable staff to help you, so if you have any questions before placing you order, contact us to learn more! 

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