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Afghan Kush (AAAA+)

Afghan Kush (AAAA+)


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Afghan Kush, originating from the Hindu Kush mountains, is a legendary indica strain cherished for its heavy resin content and potent sedating effects. With massive resinous buds and generous yields, it has become a go-to choice for relaxation. Afghan Kush’s roots in hash culture and availability through make it a highly sought-after strain.

Earn up to 18 BUD Rewards.

Afghan Kush is a legendary indica cannabis strain with deep roots tracing back to the Hindu Kush mountain range, nestled near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Perfected over centuries, it stands as the ultimate source for high-quality hash, including charas and the renowned sticky black Afghani hash.

Thanks to the efforts of White Label Seed Company, a valued partner of Sensi Seeds from the Netherlands, the seeds of Afghan Kush have become accessible to cultivators worldwide. This availability has allowed enthusiasts to experience the exceptional traits of this remarkable strain firsthand.

The buds of Afghan Kush flourish into massive, blunt-topped nuggets that are densely packed with resin. The generous yields obtained from this strain are a testament to its genetic heritage and the skillful cultivation practices employed by growers.

Afghan Kush is revered for its abundant resin content, which contributes to its reputation as a potent and sedating strain. Its effects are deeply relaxing, offering a tranquil state of mind and body. It is the ideal choice for those seeking solace and unwinding after a long and demanding day.

Beyond its remarkable potency and sedating properties, Afghan Kush holds significant cultural significance in the realm of hashish production. Its heritage in hash culture has solidified its reputation as an indispensable strain for creating high-quality hash products.

Embrace the heritage and allure of Afghan Kush, a strain that has stood the test of time. Its availability through White Label Seed Company enables enthusiasts to cultivate and experience the rich legacy of this captivating indica. Discover the power of relaxation and the deep tranquility that awaits within the resin-laden buds of Afghan Kush.


7 Grams (Quarter Ounce), 14 Grams (Half Ounce), 28 Grams (Ounce)

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