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Cash Only - We are Closed Monday, Dec 11th 2023

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Drizzle Factory Vape Pen (1100mg)

Drizzle Factory Vape Pen (1100mg)


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The hype is here. Drizzle Factory vapes are the hottest on the market, and we’ve got them! If you’re looking for some of the best flavours on the market, look no further. These Drizzle Factory vapes are the newest series (5th generation) and come in a wide variety of flavours! – Get yours now before they’re gone – mysteries await!

Make sure you choose your strain type (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid) for each vape!

Please Note: Flavours are chosen at random!

Earn up to 14 BUD Rewards.

Drizzle Factory Arrives…

Introducing the ultimate solution for sneaky and hassle-free toking: the next-gen disposable THC vape pens! Say goodbye to sketchy cutting agents, pesky heavy metals, and nasty pesticides because our pure cannabis oil is strain-specific and uncontaminated. And did we mention the taste and aroma? It’s the best terpene profile you’ll find on the market, with flavors that match the description perfectly.


One, Two, Three, Four


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