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Fergus, Ontario, has many great things to offer residents and visitors year-round. From shopping to recreation, festivals and events, Fergus is a place that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Bud Dash has provided medical marijuana products like dried weed and cannabis for people who need them. We ship all over Canada, and now we’re happy to be serving our home province of Ontario.

We offer a same-day delivery service for cannabis edibles in the Fergus area on orders over $100.

Why You Should Consider Weed Edibles In Fergus

Marijuana edibles, also known as weed edibles, can be a great way to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke. Smoking is not the only way to use marijuana, and we’re happy to provide alternative ways for patients and recreational users.

With Canada’s recent legalization of marijuana with the Cannabis Act, it has never been easier to use weed in Fergus. Marijuana edibles can take a bit longer to deliver results, but they will get you high and provide pain relief for your medical condition.

Some people may be looking to treat insomnia or anxiety with weed edibles in Fergus. Weed edibles are made using extracts from weed plants. They contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the psychoactive compounds in cannabis that get people high. Weed or marijuana is also known for its medicinal benefits of reducing pain and inflammation.

No Odour

Another benefit of weed edibles is that they typically do not smell like marijuana. This makes it easier to consume discreetly in public. If you’re using marijuana for medical purposes, you may need to avoid the smell of smoking because other people can get nosey and try to find out what you are up to.

Get Your Cannabis Edibles Delivered to Your Door in Fergus

Bud Dash is a reputable delivery service based out of Toronto. We offer same-day weed edible delivery in rural areas like Fergus, Ontario, and we can provide free shipping on your order if it’s $100 or more. Otherwise, a total $15 fee will be applied to your order.

We are very flexible when it comes to delivery to accommodate your location and time preferences.

Long-lasting edibles

The effects of weed edibles last longer than smoking. When you’re looking for a way to get high and stay that way for hours on end, trying something different like weed brownies or cannabis cookies in Fergus can be helpful.

We only carry products from reputable providers, and we care about our customers’ health and safety first and foremost. We want to deliver weed edibles in Fergus that will work for you, so please let us know if there are specific items or strains you are hoping to get in the future!

What Is An Appropriate Dosage For Edibles?

If you’re looking for weed edibles in Fergus, you must be familiar with dosage levels. Marijuana is not always the same strength, and not everybody has the same tolerance levels.

One of the significant differences between smoking weed and eating marijuana edibles is that it can take a bit longer for you to feel results. It may be anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours before you experience high or pain relief. You also need to consider how much you eat, if you have eaten recently and your metabolism.

The packaging of your Fergus weed edibles should indicate what constitutes a single dose.

We recommend new users start with one dose. Wait at least two hours before you consider eating more since the effects will be more potent and last longer on your body. Sometimes people can feel very high (sometimes even anxious) when they take too much, so it’s essential to take it slow.

Find These Cannabis Edibles In Fergus:

Our Cannabis edibles include:

Note that it’s essential to look at the icon in the bottom right corner of each product photo. You will see a green cannabis leaf or a blue mushroom. As you can guess, edibles with a green cannabis leaf will make you feel a marijuana high, while a blue mushroom will give you a psilocybin mushroom experience.

Psilocybin Mushroom Edibles In Fergus

Psilocybin mushrooms are sometimes called magic mushrooms. They’re not magic, but they contain psychoactive compounds like psilocin and psilocybin, which can take you on a trip inside your mind.

We have a variety of mushroom edibles, including chocolate truffles, tea bags, NY Chocolate Chips Cookies, Moon Cookies and Shroom Brownies, all of which contain enough psilocybin for a good trip.

Beginners might want to start with half a dose to avoid the risk of a bad trip.

What To Do While High in Fergus?

There are many things you can enjoy after consuming cannabis edibles in Fergus. Since you won’t smell like weed, you can chill without worrying about others knowing what you were up to.

Fergus Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is located in downtown Fergus. It’s the premier destination for live performances, cinema and more. If you’re looking for entertainment options while high, this is where you need to go! You can even sneak in some THC-infused edibles while checking out a live show or film production of your choice.

Belwood Lake Conservation Area

There’s nothing like enjoying nature while high! Belwood Lake is a conservation area in Fergus with picnic areas, hiking trails, campsites and more. In winter, you can also enjoy ice fishing or skiing nearby.

Mosaic Spa

If you’re looking to spend time with your significant other, the Mosaic Spa in Fergus is for you. It offers a range of luxurious treatments that will make you feel mellow. Treat yourself to an afternoon of carefree pampering!

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on Fergus weed edibles. We also offer free same-day delivery of your purchases in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge! Our goal at Bud Dash is to provide quality products while bringing cannabis into the mainstream.

Please get in touch with us today for more information or place an order. Our budtenders are standing by to help you get the right marijuana edibles for you.

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