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Same Day Edible Delivery Woodstock

If you reside in the quaint town of Woodstock, Ontario, you’re in luck because Bud Dash is a same-day cannabis and magic mushroom edibles delivery service! We offer free same-day delivery to the area for orders over $100.

Whether you’re an avid consumer or a newbie to the world of marijuana, you deserve the convenience of being able to have your favourite marijuana edibles delivered straight to your door on the same day.

Bud Dash carries a wide selection of marijuana edibles, including:

How To Use Marijuana Edibles

Consuming cannabis edibles in Woodstock is relatively safe, but there are still some guidelines you should keep in mind. Here are some things to remember when using edibles:

Stay Hydrated

The first step to taking care of yourself is staying hydrated. Ensure you’re drinking water or other fluids throughout the day before, during and after your cannabis edible experience.

Be patient

The effects of marijuana edibles may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the quality and your body type. The first time you use an edible, it’s best to wait for at least 90 minutes before consuming more, just to make sure you’ll feel the effects.

Know Your Dosage

This is especially important for people new to edible usage or those who don’t know their tolerance levels. The recommended dosage per person for a high-quality edible such as the ones we carry is 25 mg of THC for newbies, but you can always test your limits by starting with a larger dose.

Read the packaging to see how many mg of THC are included in the edible you’re consuming. Most edibles come with a 25-100mg-dose per piece, but some exceptions are.

Magic Mushroom Edibles For Sale In Woodstock, Ontario

In addition to marijuana edibles, we have psilocybin-infused cookies, chocolate brownies and beverages like Shroom Tea. These edibles are an excellent way for consumers to experiment with the psychedelic effects of mushrooms without the earthy taste.

What are the effects of psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the main psychoactive component of “magic” mushrooms. It’s very similar to the chemical composition created in the human brain when we dream, and it can induce feelings of euphoria (happiness) or deep introspection (dreamlike states).

Upon ingestion, psilocybin can significantly alter your sensory perceptions. It can amplify colours and smells, induce changes in one’s spiritual perception or cause nausea.

What about microdosing?

Microdoses provide a mild effect that’s been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity and enhance creativity. For those who haven’t tried psilocybin before or are new to the idea of microdosing, it might be a great way to introduce yourself without having an overwhelming experience.

Psilocybin is not physically addictive, but users can build tolerance over time. In the same way, the body can develop a tolerance to THC or other cannabinoids in marijuana edibles, which is why it’s essential not to take too much.

Why Shop With Bud Dash?

If you’re looking for psilocybin mushrooms or marijuana in Woodstock, you should try shopping with us at Bud Dash. Being Canada’s first same-day delivery service for marijuana edibles, you can rely on us to deliver your favourite products in less than an hour.

Bud Dash cares about our customers and does its best to provide the highest quality of cannabis edibles at affordable prices. In addition to same-day delivery, we also offer support from our team of professionals for anyone who orders edibles online with us.

We carry a wide selection of marijuana and magic mushrooms at Bud Dash and can guarantee the safety and quality of every product. We’re a licensed distributor in Woodstock, Ontario, dedicated to providing the best products and services to our community.

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