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The Best Strains To Aid Good Sleep

The Best Strains To Aid Good Sleep

Medical marijuana is a great remedy for sleep deprivation or sleep quality as it’s been proven in tests to reduce inflammation in the brain and nervous system. This results in people taking the compound to help their insomnia and poor sleep quality. The cannabinoids work with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system which ensures stability and balance.

If you are suffering from insomnia, sleep disturbance or poor quality sleep, then marijuana could be the answer to your prayers. There is a world of choice on offer and many different strains to trial and error with. As everyone has a unique biochemistry and endocannabinoid system then it’s a case by case basis on how it will affect each person. It’s just a matter of giving them a test run and weighing up the pros and cons.

There is a wide range of strains offered which are the perfect remedy to many people’s sleep issues, not only that but each strain has a distinct scent and flavor meaning it’s a treat for the nose and palate as well as your sleep behavior.

One of the go-to choices for many users is OG Kush. This strain not only has a pleasant spicy and citrus flavor to it it is also very effective giving a calming, euphoric, spacey and uplifting experience. There is a high THC content in the strain of around 20-27% with THC being the active ingredient in recreational marijuana offering the age old “high”. This is the reason why it’s one of the most favored.

If however you’re looking for a strain which has less THC in it you can always sample Pink Kush. This strain has around 17% THC, has a sweet vanilla and candy perfume fragrance and small doses of this are enough to have a good impact on the user and eliminate insomnia. Another relatively low THC strain is Jet Fuel which has 18.5% and is also a popular choice. It’s given it’s name due to it having the same sweet, pleasant diesel fumes and for the fact it gives the user an uplifting boost in mood and energy which then transitions into a soothing dream state of relaxation.

Another strain that many people reach for is one called Death Star. This one delivers in it’s effectiveness and while the effects are gradual once they kick in there is a lot to savor. Also with the taste which is pleasantly peppery, herbal and citric. It’s a great anxiety killer and is renowned for relieving many insomnia sufferers. Another very potent one is the strain known as Ice Cream Cake. Given it’s name due to having a creamy flavor with hints of sugary vanilla dough, it is a highly rated favorite. It is fast acting after sampling and will leave you completely chilled out and perfectly prepared for a good night’s rest.

These are just a handful of some of the best strains for people with sleep issues to try. Marijuana has been a revelation to so many people with sleep issues as well as issues with anxiety and pain and there is a world of medicinal relief on offer. You just have to start delving and pinpointing the ideal choice for you.

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